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Crisis at Nkosikazi Village. The Will's Wells team & villagers make an epic effort to free the pipes

Crisis at Nkosikazi Village. The good news is we found drill pipe in South Africa that is just as good and a quarter of the $15,000 cost of getting it from the States. As it says in the video, "we gotta make a new plan".... and we have. Because of what happened at Nkosikazi, Will's Wells will be far more efficient. As Albert Einstein said and Elon Musks exploding rockets prove “Failure is success in progress.” In this video you will see the determined effort of The Will's Wells team and Nkosikazi villagers working together to rescue our stuck drill pipe. Their village has not had their own well for 15 years. This is a more detailed version of what I posted a few days ago.

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